.We came

as buds from the stars

here to Earth.


And waited patiently

for the moment

of the flowering.



it's the time to florish!

Let's go!



to the development process

of this Portal of Ideas for a New Earth!


Collection, Idea-Pool & Solutions

for everything, that could serve Gaia

to live in peace and unity with all people and nature.


 .Please don't wonder if something looks funny or doesn't function,

or that there are no texts: Here you see the currently growing status of the work :-)


Youtube-Channel: www.youtube.com/user/LuccaLucia


 We´re still looking for more members for our team!

Writers and serchers, who would like

to tell about their personal area of expertise

in which they feel familiar:

From practice to practice, reports from personal experiences,

positive results found in internet and other media.

And translators for german, english, french or spanish.


 Each team member can publish as well here their personal offers,

seminars, workshops, music, movies, pictures, books, art, downloads, etc....

(if they offer in any form a positive future outlook)

And thanks to the brillant CMS from Sascha, the Web-Wizard

everyone can upload at any time, no matter from where on Earth

text, fotos, movies, etc.............


Email: terre.heureuse@ymail.com